As the logo says, is a media outlet dedicated to covering crime and public safety news from around New York State — also known as the “Empire State.” It’s based in Albany, NY. That coverage includes:


  • A Daily New Briefs section, updated daily, with links to law-enforcement sources;

  • A Weekly Feature Stories section, with detailed reporting on high-profile crimes and accidents, and “deep dives” into crime and public safety issues such as the Opioid Crisis.

  • An FBI Most Wanted section, based on the FBI's newsfeed about fugitives and missing persons., to include its news and information, is maintained by Raymond Drumsta, a journalist with decades of experience reporting on crime, courts, public safety and military news. welcomes and encourages reader tips and feedback, which can be sent via the contact page. Readers can subscribe to at the bottom of each page and follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

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